Works In Progress

Anna Calasanti, “Privilege and Voice: UN Recognition of Women’s Rights NGOs.”

Violette Cloud, Brooke Abrams, Anna Calasanti, Melanie Dominguez, and Juan Pena, “A Comparative Psychometric Evaluation of the BRFSS Cognitive Decline Module Across Racial and Ethnic Minority Elders.”

Anna Calasanti and Fiorella Vera-Adrianzén, “Lessons Learned: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Immersive Fieldwork.”

Jami Nelson-Nunez and Anna Calasanti, “It All Comes Out in the WASH: Gender Inequality and Water and Sanitation Outcomes.”

Neal King and Anna Calasanti, “From High Ground to Low Responsibility: Shifts in rhetoric as complaints turn to racial conflict.”

Tamara Kay and Anna Calasanti, “The Politics of Transnational NGO Collaboration.”