UNM Conference on Fieldwork

Conducting Fieldwork Under Complicated Circumstances

An interdisciplinary conference held April 21st & 22nd, 2016, Zimmerman Library, University of New Mexico.

Organized by two graduate students from the political science department, Anna Calasanti and Fiorella Vera-Adrianzen, the goal of this conference was to bring together faculty and graduate students interested in improving approaches to fieldwork, particularly in situations where research is made more more difficult due to complicated circumstances. We defined "complicated circumstances" as anything that increases the level of risk for either the research subjects or the researcher. This could mean research involving vulnerable populations, fieldwork in areas where there is violence or state fragility, or any set of circumstances that heightens the ethical and moral considerations of the research project.

The conference included several keynote speakers, roundtable discussions of experiences and best practices across disciplines, several panels of graduate student proposals, where each fieldwork proposal was workshopped collectively, as well as a film and discussion. There were also numerous opportunities for participants to mingle with students and faculty from a range of disciplines, which we hope will provide a platform for interdisciplinary cooperation, and future research.

For more information about the conference, please check out the original website.

Where possible, we have archived the conference proceedings below:

The keynote address, provided by Dr. Jo-Marie Burt, is available here.